Art, music and colour..

         Painting and music is a friendly relationship. The sensory effects of music very much affects the painting process; I distinctly see how music plays out in my art. I've noticed that unconsciously I adjust the pace of my painting to the pace of the music if it's Tchaikovsky or dramatic film music. Most of them time If I don't have any music during painting in the background, I start humming. Then I unconsciously adjust the humming to the mood of the painting sometimes happy melodies and  sometimes sad weeping. I encourage you to explore how music affects your painting process. Try creating several different playlists to listen to while you work in your art studio; have each playlist include a different musical genre. As you listen, think about what the music is telling you. Then react to the music in your color choices and mark making. Is the music slow, romantic or aggressive? Fast pace will encourage fast mark making, calm music may result in calm color choices. Some people can actually see music in colour, that's why they are easily influenced by music as was Vincent van Gogh or Steve Wonder.

             Colour is an amazing phenomenon. It surrounds us all the time and everywhere. In fact we rely on colour in lots of different situations. How do we know which way to take to lead us to ourselves? Because when we connect to colour, we connect to what we feel. And when we connect to what we feel, we can start to connect to who we are. It influences us unconsciously how we feel and how we behave. (K.Haller)

How do we actually see colour? Colour is purely just light. The colours we see are wavelengths of light that travel to us from the sun. The waves are sometimes shorter and more frequent, and sometimes higher and more spread out according to Karen Haller. Each colour has its own particular wavelength and frequency. When all the waves are seen together, they make white light. It's quite amazing that visible light is such a little part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, and yet we can see millions of colours.