Abstract into life. Life is an art.


Lately I decided to experiment with different techniques and tools, resulting in images I did not expect to create. I enjoy exploring the connection between colours. There is this one big, wonderful tree in London West Ham Park. It's old and huge and is my favourite tree. West Ham Park was a place where I spent most of my days during the quarantine time. This tree inspired me to paint 'Golden tree'. I decided to work with a golden colour scheme for this is how I see the flora around us, especially this tree with its magnificent aura. It could be said that this is something which most people fail to notice nowadays because of the pace of life and its many complexities. Perhaps, after the pandemic, this will change and people will open their eyes to the natural wonders that surround us

I am happy with how this piece came out. It is an abstract landscape that poses many questions and hopefully makes you think about all the things that are left out of the picture. Bright, vivid colours with varied tones are used. Lively composition of an asymmetrical golden tree situated to the right of the canvas with a waterfall on the left. The composition creates positive space in a landscape format. Exhibits irregular marks made with a knife, pouring paint and impasto technique. Uneven, rough texture with some smooth elements to it. The shapes and movement of the colours and paint is overlapping and abstracted. Mood of the painting is joyful and has a decorative style.

Acrylics, 100cm x 80cm

                                          Golden tree

           The painting shows different colours in different angles and light.