I have started painting during first quarantine period in London, UK. Which was in March 2020. Now we are in second lockdown and I'm nearly finishing my Inner self Collection 2020, which I hope exhibit in 2021 in London. So I must say this pandemic was kind of blessing for me... on this website I write about my the process, inspiration and interpretation of my work. I would like to share my passion with people near and far as 'Art is neither a profession nor a hobby. Art is a way of being'. Frederick Franck

My first memories of drawing come from the age of 5 were me and my sister were sitting on the balcony and drawing. I remember being excited and happy during this activity. Whenever the weather was good during summer, feeling the sunshine and fresh air which inspired me to being creative and create. Funny fact is that during my young years in school one of the subject was art. However during the lessons unfortunately we did not create much. There was more theory about the periods and what was all about. Which I used to have hard time to focus on one person speaking for few hours, and lost my attention. Recently friend of mine from Poland, were I was raised told me that she and some of the friends were surprised seeing my paintings, as they didn't have idea I "can" paint. Because we were going to the same class for 8 years. I founded funny that being at the same class for such a long time and attending together same art class, we did not know about  each other such a things. I bet that's not what school supposed to do. They should get out of students all what best in them and all their potential, not opposite. Which is a bit sad actually.  So she said I can paint. Which I'm always amazed and overwhelm by it, but it makes me happy of course. But I do actually think everyone could paint, because there is no definition what good art is. Sharing the emotions and the state you are at with everyone around. Analysing the painting by the experiences and feelings. I think you can easily say whenever I painted and felt happy and in peace with myself and the Word, and when I did not. By the way I think the best art ever created is the one created by God. Im trying to travel as much as possible, how much my finances allowed me, and I never get enough of it. This is what inspired me the most actually this beautiful World.

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