Art by Alicja Ryś

I am self taught artist, experimenting and using different techniques but mostly painting abstracts. Loving expressionism, modernism. 

I'm trying to find my own unique way of "expressing" my emotions in the art, this may why most of the subjects are often distorted or exaggerated. While painting each of the pictures I went through different journey. Sometimes was a wonderful feeling of spiritual awakeness, connecting with divine power and myself. Sometimes it was depressing experience for different reasons which I may discuss in the blog. Thank you for stopping by. Alicja.

About me

My name is Alicja Rys and I'm a painter and art enthusiast.

My first memories of drawing come from the age of 6 were me and my sister were sitting on the balcony and drawing. I remember being excited and happy during this activity. Whenever the weather was good during summer, feeling the sunshine and fresh air which inspired me to being creative and create. 

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Bright, contrasting colours with varied tones compel cluttered, chaotic arrangement. The texture is uneven with some reflective brush marks. Impasto technique has been used, visible thick paint marks is layered which looks like irregular pattern. The brush movement is systematic quick with some splatters of the paint. Atmosphere is energetic and...

Colour is an amazing phenomenon. It surrounds us all the time and everywhere. In fact we rely on colour in lots of different situations. How do we know which way to take to lead us to ourselves? Because when we connect to colour, we connect to what we feel. And when we connect to what we feel, we can start...

My first oil painting landscape! Watch it ❤️

The Voice

Art for sale

1, 2 Acrylics, 50cm x 50cm

 I called this paintings "voice" as voice can be so colorful... dark or light, glaring or subdued, loud or quiet, bold or fearful, which everyone can hear or hardly heard

Various, energetic colours with contrasting tones overlapping each other in chaotic layout in square format. The overall shapes makes positive space with irregular patterns, with some decorative aspects. The atmosphere is definitly cheerful and exciting.

Screen Printing Images

Charcoal Drawings

An Angel

120cm x 80cm, Acylics


Art for sale

Acrylics, 60cm x 60cm
It looks like its living flower or at least flowing fantasy and free energy, Nearly feels like someone is emerging from cocoon, rebirth...The piece is divided into four bright colours pink, blue , green and violet with changing tones. The centerred layered form makes positive space which we could compare to flowing energy or living flower. The figure is in square format and has scratched, overlapping texture with exhibiting marks made with a knife. The light is glowing in the middle are of the form. The aspects are definitely fancy and decorative.


Acrylics, 61cm x 46cm


Art for sale

Acrylics, 180cm x 120cm 

Bright, contrasting colours with varied tones compel cluttered, chaotic arrangement. The texture is uneven with some reflective brush marks. Impasto technique has been used, visible thick paint marks is layered which looks like irregular pattern. The brush movement is systematic quick with some splatters of the paint. Atmosphere is energetic and stimulating. Starry night cityscape with abstracted figures appearing in the lowest part of the canvas have blurred effect.

Guardian Angel


Acrylics, 78 cm x 62cm

This painting was inspired by the true story of Lorna Byrne, it symbolises freedom and protection. Bright angel is floating through the air, her wings are built using different colours with varied tones with matte finish. Complementary but contrasting, with positive space, in portrait format. Texture is layered with a knife. Atmosphere of this painting peaceful and relaxed. There is indirect light coming out of the wings and face of the angel. Surprisingly, most of the world's population believes in angels. Do you?


Art for sale                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Acrylics, 60cm x 60cm

I love ballet, not many people know that I was about to become a ballerina. When I was 9 years old, a big ballet school in Poland came to my town, to the school which I attended. They were checking all the students to see if they were capable to dance ballet by measunents and flexibility. All the succesfull student were invited to attend the ballet school. I was one of them, unfortunately at that point in time it wasn't possible for me to change school, as my mum was a single mother at that time and it was hard to orgnise everything. However I still love watching ballet and I'm very inspired by it.

When I was painting Ballerina, I was in good place and I hope you can feel it looking at the painting.

Light, flowing pastel strokes result in subtle and delicate tones despite the use of darker oranges and browns with gloss finish. The graceful ballerina mid-pose morphs with the background, her long hands could represent giving and/or receiving. The mood of this painting is relaxed, happy and graceful.

Low flower

Art for sale

Acrylics, 78cm x 62cm

'Strange but pretty painting' as my 5-year-old nephew described it! Clashing, depressing colours with some bright fragments and varied tones. The texture is rough and coarse in the upper right corner of the piece. The Low Flowers are in the lower area of the landscape-oriented canvas. The flowers are asymmetrical and give the impression of softness, where in fact they appear on the canvas as uneven and extruded. The background appears aged and damaged, with fancy, decorative flowers which are saturated and distorted. The mood of the painting is melancholic, but still bearing an element of hope.

Pastel forest

Art for sale

Acrylics. 78cm x 62cm

The painting is very abstracted, with predominant purple colour, and some visible, direct light going through in certain areas of the painting. Lightly bracing cool tones give impression of snowing in the middle of the glade in the forest. Soothing pastels create calming effect. The picture's got overlapping, uneven texture, with some cut waves on the right side of the painting. The finish is semigloss.  


Fairy tree

Art for sale
Acrylics, 50cm x 50cm
Vivid colours give vibrance to this square painting with glossy finish. The central oak tree and its dark roots is surrounded by colourful fairies. The mood is joyful, positive and depicts a calm, peaceful appreciation of nature.


Art for sale

Acrylics, 78cm x 62cm 

Power clashing colours with contrasting tones,  bright shades have been mixed with delicate tones making the painting look sharp and sketchy. Some faces appear, they look very mysterious. The painting is very abstracted in portrait format, with coarse chaotic texture in some places of the canvas,  impasto technique have been used, exhibiting marks made with knife and brush. The mood is agitated and aggressive.


Art for sale                                                                                                                                                                    Acrylics, 100cm x 80cm                                                                                                                                                     This abstracted portrait is bold and heavy in terms of colour and structure in portrait form. Contrasting dark with light colours gives a sketchy and vigorous effect. Light reflects against the right side of the subject's face. Arrangement of sharp brush movement and overlapping colours gives an uneven texture with glossy finish. Some elements are cut into the paint which make visible waves through her black curly hair. Exhibits marks made with a knife, with gold paint dripped from the top of the canvas. The subject's eyes are deep with thought, wonder and pain.

Land of Angels

Sold                                                                                                                                                                               Acrylics, 60cm x 48cm                                                                                                                                                          Sympathetic, subtle painting in landscape form full of angels and light. The angels reflect their own light through the white, yellow shading of the dresses and wings surrounded by colourful flowers. Texture is uneven and raised in some places through use of the impasto technique. Atmosphere is peaceful and content.


Art for sale

Acrylics, 61cm x 46cm

Glamorous colours with cheeky blush tones and complementary lagoon blue. Chaotic overlapping composition of abstracted flowers, with cut in various patterns. Painting is in a portrait format with satin finish and decorative aspect.

Into unknown

Art for sale                                                                                                                                                                    Acrylics, 60cm x 48cm                                                                                                                                        Monochromatic blue colour contrasting with splashes of orange, a complimentary colour. The being on the right side of the canvas stares towards the unknown. Indirect light streams from the left side of the canvas. The mood is definitely neutral, the overall shape is sketchy and chaotic.

Golden tree


Acrylics, 100cm x 80cm

 There is this one big, wonderful tree in London West Ham Park. It's old and huge and is my favourite tree. West Ham Park was a place where I spent most of my days during the quarantine time. This tree inspired me to paint 'Golden Plant'. I decided to work with a golden colour scheme for this is how I see the flora around us, especially this tree with its magnificent aura. It could be said that this is something which most people fail to notice nowadays because of the pace of life and its many complexities. Perhaps, after the pandemic, this will change and people will open their eyes to the natural wonders that surround us

I am happy with how this piece came out. It is an abstract landscape that poses many questions and hopefully makes you think about all the things that are left out of the picture. Bright, vivid colours with varied tones are used. Lively composition of an asymmetrical golden tree situated to the right of the canvas with a waterfall on the left. The composition creates positive space in a landscape format. Exhibits irregular marks made with a knife, pouring paint and impasto technique. Uneven, rough texture with some smooth elements to it. The shapes and movement of the colours and paint is overlapping and abstracted. Mood of the painting is joyful and has a decorative style.

Crying flowers

Art for sale                                                                                                                                                                    Acrylics, 78cm x 62cm                                                                                                                                                     Colours are pale and washed out, distorted flowers look like coral, resulting in an almost underwater feel to this painting. The composition is asymmetrical in portrait format. Barely visible light on the right-hand side of the canvas. There is sense of sadness as the flowers give the impression of tears.

Pink eagle

Art for sale

Acrylics, 100cm x 80cm

Bright, vibrant colours surround what to me looks like an eagle in the centre of this painting in portrait format. The strokes are made with hands and a knife. Uneven shapes with some dripped paint. The overall shapes are abstracted and indistinct with a sense of movement in a linear, vertical fashion.

Lady in red

Acrylics, 40cm x 30cm
Clashing of red and green colour which gives intense effect. The figure in the low right corner in a misterious lady in red, her face is blurred and black. The low parta of her dress looks like blooming flower. There are thick layers of paint, which made coarse uneven texture visible on the picture. the atmosphere is content but misterious. 

Lady with the hat

Art for sale

Acrylics, A3

No matter what time or trend greyish shades never go out of style. The background is urban colour palette with outlined profile of woman with hat on. Delectable colours of the hat makes it look like sugary palette of sweets. The whole picture is very sketch and has very glossy finish in the portrait format.

Journey tree


Acrylics, 60cm x 48cm

The centred tree in landscape format's got casual colours with semigloss finish. Thick layers of earthy red paint overlapping the golden yellow colour. Visible exhibiting marks made with knife and impasto technique. Mood is energetic.


Art for sale

Acrylics, A3

The nude woman with long red hair, centred on the portrait-oriented canvas, raises her hands upwards towards the source of the water from the top of the canvas. Her face is blurred and is seen in side profile. This to me is a thought provoking, mysterious and sexual image.

Rainbow Tree

120cm x 80cm, Acrylics


Art for sale

Acrylics, 60cm x 46cm

Saturated colours contrast with white dressed of the dancers. The ballerinas look like in a movement, their faces are blurred. Bold brush work gives sketchy impression, Texture is raised in some places in the landscape format canvas. The painting has energetic, agitate mood. 

Fly away

Acrylics, 100cm x 80cm
Romantic colours with smooth tone harmonize with each other. This painting looks like flowing butterfly made from the background wants to fly away. The painting is in landscape format and is definitly calm and peaceful. 


Art for sale

Acrylics, 180cm x 120cm

 'Harmony' represents peace and balance. I was inspired by the recent events race issues in America. The creatures represent humans, the red represents pain, blood, the bending hands and roots can be regarded as support or a struggle. A range of rich colours contrast with light pastels. Asymmetrical arrangement of the figures in portrait format. I used the impasto technique when overlapping elements of the piece. Some parts of the painting were made using a paint pouring technique while others were made with leaves, my hands and a brush. Like with other pieces, marks are also made with a knife. The mood of the painting is stimulating and thought provoking as the dark and light side contrast with each other and make us think. Overall shapes are abstracted, stylized, defined but blurred.

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